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Tumble dryer - Replace drive belt

Difficulty: Moderate
Estimated time: ± 30 minutes

Does your tumble dryer need a new belt? No problem, with our instruction video or written out step-by-step plan you'll have this fixed in no time!

Instruction video

Step-by-step plan

What do you need?

  • Drive belt
  • Screwdriver

Always first:

  • Unplug the drive belt.
  • Tip: When disassembling the old part, take regular pictures, so you can easily see how to reassemble the new part.

Replacing the dryer drive belt:

1. Dismantle the top, front and side.
The belt sits around the drum of the tumble dryer. To get to this easily, first dismantle the casing. With some tumble dryers, it is not necessary to dismantle the front as well. But in this case it is.

2. Dismantle the impeller housing, control module and water tank.
There are now a number of parts in the way. First, loosen the impeller housing at the back of the tumble dryer. After this, loosen all screws on the control module and disconnect all cables. Next, remove the bracket in the middle of the tumble dryer. After this, you can disconnect and take out the water tank.

3. Remove the old belt.
You can loosen the spring tensioning the belt with pliers. After this, the belt is loose. The back of the washing machine consists of two parts. We separated these. So now we can easily remove the belt without dismantling the drum. With some washing machines, it is also possible to remove the belt via the front.4. Insert the new belt.
Now place the new belt in place of the old one. Make sure it is straight in line with the motor pulley. Then you can use the spring to tension the belt again.

5. Place back all parts.
Put the brackets back in place and attach the steering module and reservoir. Then connect all cables and hoses. Then reassemble the impeller housing. After this, the top, front and side can be put back in place.

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