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Tumble dryer - Replace drive belt

Difficulty: Moderate
Estimated time: ± 30 minutes

Do you want to replace the drive belt of your dryer, but you're not sure how? No problem, with this step-by-step plan you'll have the drive belt replaced in no time!

What do you need?

  • Drive belt
  • Screwdriver

Always first:

  • Unplug the drive belt.
  • Tip: When disassembling the old part, take regular pictures, so you can easily see how to reassemble the new part.

Replacing the dryer drive belt:

1. Remove the back panel of the clothes dryer.
In order to replace the drive belt/section you need to be at the back of the dryer. Therefore, turn the dryer over. Remove the back panel of the dryer by unscrewing the screws.

2. Remove the top panel and side panels.
The top panel screws are located at the back of the dryer. Remove the side panels as well. You can now see the inside of the unit. The motor is located at the bottom.

3. Remove the belt from the motor.
For this you need to be at the back of the appliance, at the place where the motor is attached to the back. Unscrew the cap on the back of the dryer so you can remove the belt from the motor. The string needs to come off the shaft of the motor. You can do this from the back. After the belt is off the shaft of the motor, the belt must also be off the drum. At the top of the dryer you can see that the back and the front are held together by two rods. Loosen these two rods at the front, so you can carefully tilt the drum away from the front. This will release the string and allow you to pull it off the drum.

4. Attach the new string around the drum.
Take the new string and place it around the drum. Reattach the side bars to the front of the unit. The string should not be able to come off the drum now. Place the drive belt around the shaft of the motor, by placing it over the shaft at the back of the unit in the grooves provided for this purpose. Check that the string is tight around the drum in the right place.

5. Replace the side panels, top panel and back panel.
Tighten the screws on the panels again. You have replaced the drive belt of your clothes dryer. The appliance is ready to use again!

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