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Looking for a spare part, maintenance product or accessory for your food processor? We can supply more than 13,865 food processor products, of which most are in stock. Select the brand of your food processor, the category of your product or view our popular food processor products.

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Food processor spare parts and food processor accessories

Are you looking for spare parts or accessories for your food processor? For example a mixing bowl, whisk, knife holder, mixer bowl or mincer? FixPart has a large assortment of parts and accessories for food processors. FixPart has spare parts of all kinds of kitchen machines from e.g. Philips, Braun, Grundig, Kenwood, Moulinex and Tefal. We have many original parts but also spare parts or imitation parts for the food processor.

The food processor helps with all kinds of chores in the kitchen. For example when cutting fruit and vegetables, mixing and making dough. Having a well-functioning food processor in the kitchen is therefore very nice. If your food processor isn't performing optimally anymore, it could be that a part needs to be replaced. For example, the sickle blade in the mincer may no longer be working properly, there may be a crack in the mixing bowl or blender beaker, or the whisk may be broken.

Instead of buying a new food processor, you can of course replace just the part in question. That's better for the environment, but also for your wallet. Can't find the right part for your food processor? Then please contact us. We'll be happy to help.

About food processors

A food processor is an electrical appliance that makes preparing food easier. The food processor consists of a motor block, mixing bowl and several attachments. These attachments usually consist of cutting plates or knives. The food processor is mainly used to mix, chop and slice fruit and vegetables. Newer advanced food processors can also blend, whip cream and squeeze citrus fruits.

Food processor parts

You use your food processor daily but a part of it has broken down. This is of course very annoying. Luckily you can order spare parts for almost all kitchen machines from us. A food processor consists of many different parts and attachments. All these attachments can be ordered from us. Also lids and mixing bowls are available with us.

We have food processor replacement parts for almost all brands. We have Bosch food processor parts, Krups food processor parts and Philips food processor parts. We also have Braun kitchen machine parts and Silvercrest kitchen machine parts. Do you have a broken food processor and need a food processor repair? You're at the right place!

Food processor blade

The blade of a food processor is a very important part. The knife makes sure your vegetables or fruit are cut in the right way. It can happen that the blade breaks down due to electronic problems or that it simply breaks off. If this happens, luckily you don't have to replace the whole machine. In our assortment we have many different types of kitchen machine knives, so there is always a suitable kitchen machine knife for you!

Food processor dough hook

The more modern food processors are nowadays equipped with a kneading option. For this you need a dough hook. The dough hook can break down during cleaning or other accidents. The dough hook for your appliance is therefore almost certainly among!

Food processor proximity stop

To be able to squeeze your fruit and vegetables properly you often need a macerator. Almost all sealing plugs are made of plastic. They can tear when you put too much pressure on the plug or when you drop it. 

The service of FixPart

Because we have almost all our products in stock, we can deliver very quickly. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions or need advice, we can be reached by e-mail at It is also possible to fill in our contact form. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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The correct number is the type- or model number and NOT the serial number. The model number is a row of numbers and/or letters. Sometimes the model number contains a hyphen (-) or a forward slash (/).

Can’t find your appliance? Send us a photo of the model number plate and a description of the product you are looking for, then we will send you a link to the correct product.