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Küppersbusch 438193 freezer compartment door - freezer case flap

  (3 reviews)
Brand: Küppersbusch
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Product specifications

Product type

Original - This product is produced by the original product manufacturer and has original quality.

Manufacturer number
Manufacturer description

Freezer case flap

Product category
Electro > housing section > door/cover/lid > freezer compartment door
Appliance brand(s)

AEG, Alno, Atlas, Blomberg, Boretti, Brandt, Curtiss, Electrolux, Far, Faure, Funix, Ikea, Juno, Küppersbusch, Lec, Leonard, Nordland, Privileg, Progress, REX, Rosenlew, Smeg, Teka, Zanker, Zanussi, Zoppas, Tricity Bendix, Corbero, Novamatic, Marijnen, Seppelfricke, Saba, Iee, Lloyds, Lux, Satrap, Selecline, Castor, Electra, Elinlux, Highone, Firenzi, Husqvarna, Electronica, Genesis, Dometic, Kelvinator, Acec, Elin, Elektro Helios, Matura, Frigidaire, Arthur Martin/Electrolux, DeDietrich, Elektrabregenz, John Lewis, REX/Electrolux, Arthur Martin

Appliance type(s)

Refrigerator, Fridge freezer, Fan, Freezer

Product number

Alternative products for Küppersbusch 438193 freezer compartment door

Original product

This product is the same as the original but sold by another brand.

Electrolux AEG 2063754028 freezer compartment door

160 reviews
Electrolux AEG
  • Product category: freezer compartment door
  • Description: Evaporator flap,silk screened
Electrolux AEG 2063754028 freezer compartment door - evaporator flap,silk screened

In stock

Delivery time 3 to 5 working days

Reviews about this product

  (3 reviews)

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