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Looking for a spare part, maintenance product or accessory for your Hotpoint appliance? We can supply more than 24,422 Hotpoint appliance products, of which most are in stock. Select your Hotpoint appliance, the category of your product or view our popular products for Hotpoint appliances.

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Hotpoint spare parts and accessories

Like any appliance, Hotpoint appliances can break down from time to time. This is obviously very annoying but no reason to panic. Do you therefore need a Hotpoint appliance repair? At FixPart, you can order all parts and accessories you need to repair your appliance! In our wide range, we have many different parts and accessories. So the right part or accessory for your appliance is almost certainly among them! The products you order are often delivered quickly so you can quickly repair your broken appliance. This way, you will soon be able to make grateful use of your appliance again. Take a quick look at our range!

About Hotpoint

Hotpoint is an American company that manufactures various household appliances. Today, Hotpoint's ownership is divided between two companies. For example, the American Whirlpool holds the court in Europe and the Chinese Haier holds the court in America. Earl Richardson invented the first electric iron in 1905. The device became known as the Hotpoint iron. He therefore founded the company Hotpoint in 1911, named after this invention. In 1912, Hotpoint started producing various electric irons. The first electric cookers were also added in 1919. In the years that followed, more and more appliances were added to Hotpoint's line. In early 2007, Indesit took over Hotpoint completely after which they merged it with their own brand Ariston. For this reason, Hotpoint is also known as Hotpoint Ariston. In 2014, Whirlpool and Haier took over the company.

Hotpoint is known for manufacturing washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and tumble dryers, among others. You will find suitable parts and accessories for all Hotpoint appliances at FixPart. Thus, in addition to original parts and accessories from Hotpoint, we also have replica and imitation parts and accessories. All these parts and accessories are of excellent quality. So you can rest assured that your appliance will soon be working properly again. Take a look at our range of Hotpoint accessories and parts!

Order Hotpoint spare parts and accessories

At FixPart, you will find a wide range of many different Hotpoint spare parts and accessories. These are suitable for virtually all Hotpoint appliances! For example, we have parts and accessories for Hotpoint washing machines, cookers, tumble dryers and dishwashers. In most cases, you can repair your faulty appliance yourself. There is then no need to buy a new appliance. You only need to replace one or a few parts and/or accessories! You often save a lot of money doing this. After all, parts and accessories are a lot cheaper than buying a new appliance. At FixPart, sustainability is very important to us. Help us by supporting our sustainable initiatives! You can do this by ordering your repair parts and accessories from us. Among other things, we try to reduce e-waste and thus ensure a greener future. So repair your device and extend its lifespan. This way, your device will last for years again and you do not throw away a device unnecessarily. You then help us to reduce e-waste. So before you throw away an appliance, check whether it can still be repaired. This is often the case! Order replacement parts and accessories at FixPart.

Because there are many different parts and accessories, it can be difficult to find the part or accessory that fits your specific appliance. Therefore, look carefully and search by the type number of your device. In that case, we will show you all the parts and accessories that are sure to fit. So you can be sure to order the right product for your appliance! Still in doubt or need our help? Request a product or contact our customer service. We are happy to help and will do our best to answer your questions.

Washing machine spare parts and accessories

Has your washing machine stopped working properly and are you looking for Hotpoint washing machine parts and accessories to repair it? Then you will certainly find them at FixPart! In our range, you will find many different parts and accessories suitable for Hotpoint washing machines. For example, we have belts, door seals, hoses, heating elements and much more! Take a quick look at the range.

Cooker parts and accessories

It is very annoying when your cooker stops working properly. Fortunately, you can often repair your cooker just fine. You can order the right Hotpoint cooker parts and accessories for this at FixPart.

Other Hotpoint spare parts and accessories

We can supply over 10,000 Hotpoint spare parts and accessories. You will also find Hotpoint tumble dryer parts and accessories and Hotpoint dishwasher parts and accessories. For the full range, take a quick look at our website. Can't find the product you're looking for? Then please contact us.

FixPart service

In our wide range, you will find more than 15,000,000 parts and accessories for a large number of appliances from many different brands. So at FixPart, we have parts and accessories for almost all appliances! So you will find replacement parts and accessories to suit your appliance. Thanks to our fast delivery, you can repair your appliance quickly. Most of our products are in stock and we can deliver them immediately. This allows us to guarantee this fast delivery.

We like to satisfy our customers. That is why our customer service is there for you! If you have any questions or comments, please contact our customer service. Send an e-mail to customerservice@fixpart.co.ie or fill in the contact form. We will do our best to help you as quickly and as well as possible!


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The correct number is the type- or model number and NOT the serial number. The model number is a row of numbers and/or letters. Sometimes the model number contains a hyphen (-) or a forward slash (/).

Can’t find your appliance? Send us a photo of the model number plate and a description of the product you are looking for, then we will send you a link to the correct product.